Project Description

The company was registered in the Companies and Institutes Registration Office on October 9, 2009 under the license number 357739 for the following activities and is a maintenance company.
Fields of activity:

  1. Participation, investment, construction and operation of a variety of urban and on-the-road welfare complexes, hotels, hotel apartments, tourist villages, camping, with domestic and foreign natural and legal persons
    2. Signing contracts and conducting transactions directly or indirectly with government and non-governmental agencies in relation to the company’s fields of activity
  2. Conducing any form of economic activity consisting of all financial, commercial, and industrial operations as well as services, contracting, designing, consultation and investment in other companies and institutions
    4. Participation in public and private tenders
    5. Obtaining the representation of reputable domestic and foreign companies and grating representation to natural and legal persons
    6. Organizing and participating in relevant domestic and foreign exhibitions
    7. Importing and exporting legal trading goods
    8. Obtaining credit from domestic and foreign banks and financial and credit institutions in line with the company’s activities

The main project of the company:
((Construction and operation of on-the-road welfare complexes))
With regard to the necessity of establishing and operating on-the-road welfare complexes, measures were taken to establish Pars Ziggurat On-the-road Welfare Complex Development Company.
The company focused on the development of on-the-road welfare complexes in the form of two subsidiary projects:

  1. Construction and operation of seven welfare complexes via domestic resources and bank loans.
  2. Construction and operation of ten on-the-road welfare complexes via establishing a land and building fund.

The establishment of a land and building fund for the construction of on-the-road welfare complexes:

The Semega Land and Building Fund has been registered as a non-commercial organization at the Registration Office and as a financial institution at the Securities and Exchange Organization. The activity of the fund is under the supervision of the Securities and Exchange Organization in order to ensure its compliance with legal regulations, the approvals of the Securities and Exchange Organization, and information transparency.

The fund’s fields of activity include raising funds from investors, building construction project from the collected funds, selling the buildings and finally dividing the revenue among the shareholders of the fund.

In this regard, efforts are being made to finish the construction project on time and with the projected cost of the plan. The buildings will be put up for auction to be pre-sold or sold to bidders who offer the highest price. With respect to the necessity of the above-mentioned points, a technical and economic feasibility report was provided for the project.