Project Description

Shahin Bonab Steel Complex

This company as the first subsidiary of Shahin Bonab Steel Complex has two working production lines of hot-rolled steel line in addition to another line which is being set up. The company’s working production lines, with 600 thousand tons per year capacity, have released a variety of ribbed rebar for construction from size 8 to 32.
The number one production line of Shahin complex via using Italian equipment and devices is capable of producing and rolling AIII rolled steel in two sizes: 16 and 18.
The second line of Shahin Bonab Steel Complex, like the first line, via using Italian equipment and devices is capable of producing AII rolled rebar in sizes 20, 22 and 25 and at a speed of about 5 to 6 meters per second.

Shahin Mill

Hot-rolled steel girder continuous line, with a modern design style, is the third rolling line of Shahin Bonab Steel Complex. The implementation of this rolling line with the aim of producing rolled ribbed rebars began in Bonab steel complex in September 2009. This rolling line which has capacity for 600 thousand tons annual production will soon be operational. In this rolling line ribbed rebars are available in different sizes and its furnace with a capacity of 100 tons per hour has the ability of charging 12 meters high bars. Increased efficiency due to the high-speed production of this continuous hot rolling line has distinct it from the rest of lines.

Bonab steel industry

The company consists of two production lines including hot-rolled bar lines and light sections for the production of variant construction ribbed rebars from sizes 8 to 32 mm and light steel sections such as angles, channels, and four side chains of sizes 20 to 80 mm with a production capacity of 650 thousand tons per year. Other notable capabilities of Bonab steel industry include the heavy section hot-rolled production line which aims to produce hot-rolled variant cornerstones of sizes 100 x 100 to 200 x 200 mm, the studs of size 100 to 250 mm, the beams of size 100 to 260 mm m and wide flange beams from size 80 to 200 mm (for the first time in Iran). The number one line of this complex can produce a variety of round bars and stinger planes. The manufacturing cornerstone planes include cornerstone 40 to 70 and rebar planes from size 8 to 32. The No. 2 line of this steel industry can produce a variety of profiles and industrial cornerstones such as cornerstones 100, 120, … and stud profile planes and beams in 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 planes as well. The company is built on an 11 hectares area.

Sahand steel industry

This company also has been constructed in an area of approximately 11 hectares with 2 production lines. Each of the production lines of this company has the capability of producing construction ribbed rebars from size 8 to 32 mm which makes its total output: 650 thousand tons per year. Production lines of this complex have also the capability of producing AII rebar planes in sizes 8 and 10 and AIII in sizes 12 and 14. In these two lines dual-line packaging system is used, which has many advantages such as convenient packaging and increasing product quality.

Shahriyar Steel industry

Shahriyar Steel industry as the first northwest integrated steel melting and casting unit of the country was established in an area of 9 hectares in 1387 in the territory of Bonab Steel Complex. In the same complex the first bar steel was casted by 15 June 2010 and for about a month later, on 14 July the same year, the industry’s Steel Complex was inaugurated and put into operation in the presence of the Head of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Currently, in this complex a variety of non-alloy steel bars (billets) from size 125 to 150 mm and lengths of 6 meters are produced. The namely production capacity of this complex is 320 thousand tons of steel bars (billet) in sizes 125 to 150 mm with a length of 6 meters.

Shahriyar Steel expansion project

The project has four production lines for melting and integrated casting, direct resurrection and integrated hot rolling lines to produce steel bars, sponge iron and heavy and medium H profiles is considered the development prospect of Bonab steel industry. The company’s capacity is three million and 500 thousand tons per year.