Project Description

With the help of God’s bless from the first acceptance period for the academic year 92-91 under the auspices of the University of Science – practice Karad Applied Science Training Center started its activities with four fields of financial accounting, hotel management, tourism management, and culinary in associate degrees with modular approach in order to provide part of the educational needs of our beloved homeland. The aim of this center is to make a scientific and dynamic context for those who are striving for obtaining knowledge and with the help of Almighty and the strivings of efficient and experienced teachers and hardworking experts and staff and also by benefitting from educational facilities provide an appropriate space for dear students. After graduation, the Applied Science University will grant graduates the accredited associate’s degree, which is approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Introducing the University of applied Science and Technology:

University of Applied Sciences is one of the universities which are associated with Ministry of Science, Research and Technology which was formed with the aim of promoting the professional skills of employees in different economic sectors and increase the skill level of the training center’s graduates who lacked executive experience and through using and organizing facilities and the material and human resources of executive institutes, held applied science courses in associate, undergraduate and graduate levels. The Applied Science University is only the custodian of higher education in Applied Science which is managed under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The aim of Applied Science university is to create a context for the participation of government and non-governmental executive institutes in educating skilled human resources who are needed by various economic, social and cultural sectors of the country, so that the graduates might attain the needed skills and knowledge for the duties which are assigned to them. The university is responsible for planning, organizing, expertise and operational and information support and policy making as well as monitoring and evaluating applied science centers and institutions.

Monitored by the University, The centers and institutions of applied science for higher education follow the main principle of applied science training which aims to promote working knowledge and build practical skills in accordance with the individuals’ field of work.
The goals of Applied Science training

  • Create a suitable context for versatile activities (industrial, military and academic) to promote the spread of knowledge and scientific research – state function.
  • Promotion of qualitative and quantitative indexes in the field of applied training in society.
  • Provision of appropriate infrastructure in order to apply the capabilities of graduates to solve practical problems.
  • providing the appropriate infrastructure in preparation for the transference of the new technology.