Project Description

The hotel is located in an area of ​​approximately 26,620 square meters on the south side of the main terminal of the international airport of Imam Khomeini (RA). According to the plans the approximate area of ​​47,557 square meters has been planned for this building which is a combination of the 3 and 4 starred Novotel (with 300 hotels) and Ibis (with 200 rooms) hotels in accordance with the standards and management of ACCOR chain hotels chain and according to their Cluster type hotels will be designed, constructed and operated. Recreational, cultural, religious, medical and nature-seeker tourists, Kerry groups and diplomatic groups and the like, are all examples of this hotel customers in the future. Localization and promotion of standards in construction and management of hotels in Iran, holding hotel management classes and courses and the like, are all examples of programs and measures which The Tourism Development Corporation Aria Ziggurat (PJS) has for the future.

The named project under the original agreement between the hotel expanding company Lotus Hotels Corp and the operator of the International Imam Khomeini Airport’s project development as a representative for the country’s main specific airports’ company was signed on 19.12.87. The information of this contract are as follows:

The contract to build, operate and transfer a 250-room 4-star hotel

The contract: 2008/12/19

Date of notification: 2009/1/16

Construction period: 36 months – 22 years of operation

The least traffic of 3 million passengers per year

All or parts of the rights, benefits or obligations are transferred in coordination and agreement with the IKIA

Date of notification of amendment 1: 2010/3/8

Date of notification of amendment 2: 2010/4/16

Date of Delivering of the ground : 2010/1/15

Renting fee of the land: the amount of 26.62 billion riyals for once three years after operation and 1/5% of the mentioned sum annually for 22 years of operation, equating the total sum 8784600000 Riyals.

Royalty fees of airport in accordance with the table of paragraph b Annex 6 and 1 of the contract.

According to the agreements, all the cases mentioned in the Annex 1 of joint venture are changed into new figures and according to the provisions of the Annex 2 were transferred to the Tourism Development Corporation Aria ziggurat. Considering that Parsian Lotus Hotels Expanding Corp started the designing operation and preliminary studies, these cases which were carried out in coordination with technical-economic studies by the respected company were transferred to the Design Consultation and Construction Engineers Corp. After receiving the confirmation letter from the French hotel builder company ACCOR approving Design Consultation and Construction Engineers Corp Consulting Engineers as the designer and manufacturer, the contract for building the 500 rooms 3 and 4 starred Ibis and Novotel Imam Khomeini international airport hotel was communicated to them.