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Interesting statistics about Iran’s Tourism Financial Group

Ongoing projects
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Tons of steel production capacity
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Introductory Note By Head of the Group

Presently, national security, investment security, and cultural conditions of a country are evaluated by significant large-scale variables. Among chief measures and predictors for these, ‘tourism industry’ occupies an outstanding stance. Unmistakably, that is on account of the fact that tourism per se is a multidimensional concept which is simultaneously consisted of a combination of econocultural features. Such cultural characteristics as civilization background, national attributes and spirit, local customs and practices, and economic indicators like secure investment environments, appropriate economic infrastructures, and favorable and peaceful business environment of a country are manifested in its tourism arrangements. Notwithstanding, tourism is a fledgling industry in our country that has not yet drawn sufficient attention in spite of our significant capacities of rich and unrivaled historical and cultural attractions and eye-catching geographic and climatic diversities that constitute great opportunities for economic growth, economic development, and foreign-exchange earnings. There is a dearth of standardized infrastructural facilities. Above reasons together with our country’s need for an economically productive power to expedite an industrial uprising encouraged me and my colleagues to form an economic body in the private sector called ‘Tourism Financial Group’, beneath which five superb industries are gathered within the framework of five specialized holdings. We are determined to exert our all capabilities to materialize productive and sustainable employment, development of industrial infrastructures, and creation of a true and serene image out of our endearing country taking advantage of our young and creative workforces and experienced managers. We are on the belief that we are able to establish a public tourism movement and build an advanced and proud Iran with the assistance made by the Almighty God, application of our colleagues, and endeavors of all our countrymen.

Report on Iran’s Tourism Financial Group

Iran’s largest private-sector steel manufacturing company


Iran’s largest tourism holding


First Iranian member of the UNWTO

Subsidiary companies

Iran’s Tourism Financial Group consists of various companies and institutions that are committed to implementing and operating parts of the program within the framework set out in the strategic vision document.


Smile for a lifetime


Shahin Bonab Steel Complex

Imam Khomeini International Airport Hotel

Training courses by the Tourism Co.

Pars Ziggurat On-the-road Welfare Complexes

Do you know tourism will be the world’s top industry by 2020?

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